Hey, I just met you...

Born from an idea centered on the Halo universe, XboxReplay is the next logical step after our file share system available on HaloDestiny's Labs.

Far from being the first of its kind, XboxReplay makes browsing and sharing your Game DVR content simple, fast and easy.

Designed, developed and integrated from scratch by Alexis "Zeny" Bize, XboxReplay is just a glimpse of future projects to come, soon we will provide a Developers section to help anyone curious enough achieve their project.

You have an idea? A feedback? Found a glitch? Head to head BR start on Lockout?

Find us on twitter @XboxReplayNet / @_SuckMyLuck, or send a message to Le ZeNy on Xbox Live.

Of course, you can still send an email to hello@xboxreplay.net, we won't bite.

Have fun exploring!

Special thanks

Clément "Yoshiki" Durandeau for his support from the beginning.

Claire Petit for her constant feedback and support.

Benjamin Lechiara who highly recommended giving Redux a try.

Benjamin "Otakiron" Cohen for his intensive QA testing.

And also, a huge thanks to all our beta-testers!